Cancellation of TOEIC Test From 18th March Until 12th May 2020 due to COVID-19 Outbreak

Dear candidates,
  • Test Center Malaysia, Eshia & Associates, and ETS joins in the worldwide concern for everyone affected by this health crisis.
  • Due to the COVID19 pandemic, the government of Malaysia has extended “restricted movement in the country” and all businesses, schools and non-essential government agencies to close until 12th May 2020.
  • Foreign travelers are also barred from entering the country.
  • In compliance to this directive, effective immediately we therefore cancel all the upcoming TOEIC and TOEFL Tests scheduled. Our office will also be closed until 12th May 2020.
  • We plan to continue to work with you to manage this situation and do all we can to protect the safety and health of all test takers, staff, and the entire TOEIC and TOEFL community.
  • If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via WhatsApp only to our emergency hotline number +6016.217.8355
We will keep you updated on further developments and wish everyone good health and wellness during this difficult time.

Free ETS eLearning Tools for Today’s Learners

Dear Young Student Series Colleagues,
  • ETS is sharing free research-backed apps developed by scientists in our Research & Development (R&D) division to help improve the writing, reading or English language speaking skills of children at home.
  • At a time where so many parents are looking for e-learning tools, we hope that those can be useful.
  • Since some  technical features or platforms may or may not be available in some countries,  we encourage you to test them first and select what is deemed appropriate for your students in your respective countries.

Thank you and stay safe and healthy everybody!

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